Abed Almaala founded Almaala Farms in 1996. Almaala Farms is a family owned and operated business that he runs along with his wife and his son Hassan Almaala. Almaala Farms was originally established at the former DC Farmer’s Market in order to meet the growing demand for farm fresh fruits and vegetables in Washington, DC.

In 1998, the Almaala Family opened a farm in Cumberland, Maryland. Almaala Farms in Cumberland, Maryland consists of thirty acres and nourishes the growth of nectarine, peach, and plum trees, tomatoes and more. This farm is supplied with fresh stream water from the nearby mountain streams.
In 2010, Almaala Farms extended the growing business to the Eastern Shore in Maryland. Almaala Farms on the Eastern Shore consists of forty acres of land that allows for the growth of fig, nectarine, and plum trees, kale, collard greens, turnips, squash, fava beans, and more. Almaala Farms on the Eastern Shore and is home to over 400 Rhode Island cage-free chickens. These eggs produce beautiful, fresh brown eggs. In addition, the farm is home to several lambs and goats.

In 2012, Almaala Farms opened up for business in the newly renovated Union Market in NE Washington, DC. The freshest local produce in Union Market can be found at Almaala farms. Tomatoes, peaches, okra, and more are harvested on Almaala’s Eastern Shore and Cumberland farms.