Eastern Shore, Maryland USA

Our Eastern Shore farm is our main farm where we grow vegetables, mushrooms, and the collecting eggs. Their’s many projects going on in this farm, so lets tackle each project one at a time!


At Almaala Farms we pride ourselves on having high standards that we give ourselves. These standards are never cut, and are enforced heavily. These standards start with high quality seeds that are 100% organic. We plant these seeds and spend 2-3 weeks hand caring for many of these plants to make sure they have the proper start. After this point mother Earth takes care of the majority of the process. However, we make sure the plants receive the proper amount of water and nutrients. During this process we NEVER use any chemicals to enhance or protect the plants. Our produce are 100% organic, we pride ourselves on that. Once the vegetables are ready, we hand pick every one of them and prepare them for shipment.



The mushroom project is our latest project that we started and completed in 2014. We created a small building that will allow us to control the amount of water, and temperature each individual mushroom will receive. This build wasn’t easy to build however we believed it had to be done in order to grow the best product for our customers. We handle and make sure the mushrooms are grown for maximum taste for our customers. We handle the growing, the picking, and shipping of the mushrooms.


We believe in the liberal stance on the raising of animals, animals should have a open field where they’re not trapped by steel bars. Our chickens are free outside and our protected from outside animals. We make sure they are well fed and well cared for. The chicken eggs, just like all are products, are all organic. We hand pick every egg, and make sure each eggs meets our high standards.